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CIE Seattle welcomes partner organizations to share event announcements with our local membership of professionals, students and community influentials.
To ensure the highest value for our membership and your event, we request the following support:
1. Events are specifically relevant to either the Asian Pacific American culture or to professional or academic interests
2. Events are non-political and generally non-commercial
To share information about your event on our website: please see our website announcement policy below.
To share information via the CIE mailing list: please post a website announcement at least 1 month prior to your event
We respect the time and attention of our membership and strive to mail them no more than once per month with relevant and useful information, including upcoming events. Ensuring announcements are shared with CIE a month in advance will enable us to share it via email to our membership.

Website Announcement Policy:
For announcements on the CIE website under the "Upcoming Events" section, please provide information in the following format:
1. Title (up to 12 words)
2. Short description (up to 20 words)
3. Long description (up to 250 words)
3. Event details (date & time, location with street address)
4. Cost information (discounts to CIE members are not necessary, however they tend to draw a larger audience)
5. (optional) Documents and URLs (detailed information should be shared in URL form. So that partner organizations retain ownership and control of documents, CIE will not host non-CIE documents, nor send documents at attachments to its members. We ask partners provide files they wish to share using an online sharing service and include links to those documents in their announcement information. For free, easy-to-use document sharing services please visit
6. (optional) Contact information (phone or email for person able to answer questions about the event, if you do not wish to list either on our website, CIE can provide a special form on our website for sending you questions and requests to your email without revealing it)
7. (if applicable) CIE Board Member Sponsor (CIE board member in contact with event organizers)
2008 Taiwan Film Festival
The 2008 Taiwan Film Festival arrives in Seattle this October. 
October 20 to 22, 2008 (detailed schedule online)
University of Washington, Seattle
The Taiwan Film Festival showcases prominent feature and documentary films that reflect the quality, range and vitality of contemporary Taiwanese filmmaking. Please visit website for more information.
CIE-Board Contact: James Lee
By default, website announcements will appear as follows:
Home Page: Title, short description, event details (date & time, location with street address), cost information, event URLs
Upcoming Events Page (prior to event date): Title, short description, long description, event details (date & time, location with street address), cost information, event URLs, contact information
Past Events Page (following event date): Title, short description, event details (date & time, location with street address), cost information, event URLs
To request a website announcement, please complete the following form:
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